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Testimonials from some of our students. Additional references available on request.

TOEFL Prep course exceeded my expecations

I was quite confident with my English skills and thought I can take on TOEFL on my own. I practiced for awhile but soon realized that if I was to get a good score, I will need help to get my grammar, vocabulary and writing skills to that "it comes to me automatically" level, so that no time is wasted on hesitating. This is what Gain Access really helped me achieve.

Right from the initial consultation I knew I had come to the right place; the teacher listened to me and then tailored a course precisely to my needs (and schedule!).

I really appreciated the teacher’s attitude and patience as she helped me go through the priorities of English grammar and vocabulary. She really helped me build confidence by making me go through an impressive variety of practice material.

Another thing that helped a lot was the practical approach of my teacher - after repeating the different parts of the theory (some old and some new), we focused on drilling and reviewing each question type from past TOEFL papers, including timed tests, and then analysing my choices and learning from my mistakes (and correct answers!).

But what I found most valuable was the teacher's strategic and practical advise on how to take on the test and its time-pressure.

Overall, the TOEFL course exceeded my expectations and the professional attitude, reliability and flexibility of the teacher made the lessons fun and stress-free - I have to say that I actually looked forward to them!

In addition, the benefits of the course didn't end with scoring well and getting into the school of my choice. As a result of it, I now write and communicate in English with great ease, which is turning to be an advantage in my professional life. It was a smart investment that I profit from every day!

~ Assia de Wassiage, Business Development in EEA region, currently studying EMBA at Katz University in Prague