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Testimonials from some of our students. Additional references available on request.

Encouraging attitude and professionalism

GMAT and TOEFL Prep Courses

For the first time, I used individual services offered by Gain Access during my preparation for the TOEFL exam. As I wasn't time flexible, I was looking for an individual course. My experience was very positive, both in terms of time flexibility and style of teaching. Two years later, I needed to prepare myself for the GMAT exam. Due to my previous experience, I decided to use the GMAT Preparation course from Gain Access. Again, I appreciated time flexibility thanks to which I could have taken courses also during weekends. I was provided with lots of materials and useful tips which helped me get orientated in individual sections of the GMAT exam in a very short time and therefore made my preparation easier. Apart from the above, I would like to highlight prompt communication as well as encouraging attitude and professionalism. I was admitted for MBA studies in the USA.

Petra Vlková